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"I am an fucking idiot."
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BE HEALTHY AND FUCK EVERYONE - it's a Kristen blog ;]

So as I already told you, I made some other blogs.  

This will be a Kristen-only blog! Here are the names of my other blog. Feel free to follow them :]

1. bebravefourtris.tumblr.com [DIVERGENT]

2. fuckyeahpeeniss.tumblr.com [THE HUNGER GAMES]

3. taylorswiftdailygermany.tumblr.com [TAYLOR SWIFT]

4. fuckyeahjennilaw.tumblr.com [JENNIFER LAWRENCE]

5. hellyeahpercabeth.tumblr.com [PERCY JACKSON]

Hey guys.  

I just wanted to tell you that I will change some things on this blog. I will turn this into a complete Kristen blog, with maybe some personal things and Robsten but not more.
For all my followers who follow me because of my other posts: I already have two other blogs and maybe I’ll do some more.
My first one is:


My second one:


I think I’ll make an Twilight, THG, PJO, HP and Jennifer Lawrence blog as well. I will inform you about it as soon as I will. But from now on I just hope you won’t unfollow me but instead follow my other blogs as well.

Much love :]

Hahahahha xD It’s the most sexiest face ever :’DD

Hahahahha xD It’s the most sexiest face ever :’DD

Correct me if I’m wrong, but are the following people the ones who still need to be cast: 

- Beetee
- Male Tribute 5
- Female Tribute 5
- Morphling Male
- Morphling Female
- Blight
- Cecelia
- Woof
- Male Tribute 9
- Female Tribute 9
- Male Tribute 10
- Female Tribute 10
- Thread
- Thom
- Madge
- Greasy Sae
- Darius
- Bonnie
- Twill
- Mr. Undersee

My life is so boring after they revealed that Sam will be Finnick. 

Now we have to wait for “Catching Fire”.

So after more than one month thinking about Sam as Finnick I finally have a real opinion about this all: 

I like Sam, really. I loved him in “Pirates of the Carribean” and in “Snow White and the Huntsman”. He’s a good actor and I think he will be a great Finnick. And I bet everyone will agree with me as soon as the first scenes are out.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters movie will be great.. 

Cause it’s possibly the first movie, in which different actors from other great series are in it.
There’s Leven Rambin as Clarisse. We all know her from The Hunger Games as Glimmer.
Another one is Stanley Tucci is Mr. D. Mockingjays know him from The Hunger Games, too, as Caesar Flickerman.
Last but not least: Daniel Cudmore, who plays the Manticore. Twihards know him as Felix, a vampire from.the Volturi.

Look! It’s Finnick and me and a friend of mine! (Love it xD)

Look! It’s Finnick and me and a friend of mine! (Love it xD)

I have a new nickname for Finnick. 

Mr. Hawtie Finnick Fucking Odair.
I keep writing it to my friends, while we are talking about Sam as Finnick. :D

Which way will you choose?

Which way will you choose?